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Females sell at Carlisle on 4th July

On Friday 4th July the Wilodge herd will be selling 11 cows and calves and 2 in calf cows at Carlisle including:

Wilodge Crystal (lot 47)

This 2007-born Wilodge Tonka daughter is out of Wilodge Priceless, a Broadmeadows Cannon daughter. She is a full sister to Wilodge Cerberus, sire of the 55,000gns Aultside Hulk, sold May 2014. This female line will be retained in the herd with Wilodge Diamante. Her heifer calf, Wilodge Ingot (lot 47A) will also be sold, she is a July 2013-born Wilodge Enrico daughter. Crystal is back in-calf to Gerrygullinane Glen and due in September.


Wilodge Dixiechick (lot 48)

Born 2008, she is by Wilodge Vantastic and out of the Wilodge Nowtakenout daughter Smithston Trixie. She is due in August to Gerrygullinane Glen. Her dam was purchased on the qualities of Wilodge Nowtakenout and a maternal sister to Dixiechick has been retained. Wilodge Ifive (lot 48A), her June 2013-born bull calf by Bial will also be sold.


Wilodge Caream (lot 49)

Sired by Vivaldi she is out of the Oxygene daughter Wilodge Udream. Her pedigree combines Oxygene and Nouvelle Prospect's lines on the maternal line. Both her daughter's have been retained but her bull calf Wilodge Inspector (lot 49A) is offered for sale, he is an October-born Branceille son.

p-Carem-5832 p-Carem-Inspector-5867

Wilodge Erotic (lot 50)

This 2009-born Rainbow Simon daughter is out of Nouvelle Sophia, a Winnington Olis daughter. Her progeny include Alister and Liz Vance's senior stock bull the 6500gns, senior champion at Carlisle, October 2006, Wilodge Azur. She is due in September to Gerrygullinane Glen and her September 2013-born Wilodge Fastrac daughter Wilodge Intimate (lot 50A) is also offered for sale.


Wilodge Eyewitness (lot 51)

Sired by Ronick Gains she is out of the prolific  breeding Jersey daughter Ravenelle. She has three full embryo sisters and they are all as good as each other, she is the youngest of the four and is first to be offered for sale, her full sister is also selling later in the sale. We are retaining her 2012-born daughter. Wilodge Iwitness (lot 52A), her September 2013-born Haltcliffe Doctor son will be offered for sale.


Wilodge Fusion (lot 53)

This Wilodge Cerberus daughter is out of the Nouvelle Prospect sired dam Wilodge Cophia, her pedigree combines four of the herd's most influential cow families. She sells in-calf to Hartlaw Excaliber with her first calf Wilodge Infusion (lot 52A) also selling, she is an October 2013-born Wilodge Fastrac daughter.  


Wilodge Erona (lot 53)

This 2009-born Rocky daughter is out of Wilodge Berona, a Wilodge Tonka daughter.  Her second calf, Wilodge Iona (lot 53A), an October 2013-born Bial daughter also sells, while her 2012-born daughter will be retaind in the herd. Erona is a descendant of Balavil Dolly, the grand-dam of Wilodge Ritzy who is one of the foundation females in the Emslies herd. She sells in-calf to Dolcorsllwyn Fabio and is due in October.


Wilodge Exotic (lot 54)

This Rocky daughter is out of the Tonka sired dam Wilodge Vavanelle. She is due to calve in November to Crossdykes Goliath and her heifer calf by Wilodge Fastrac, Wilodge Islandgirl (lot 54A) is also offered for sale. Exotic is the first daughter to be offered for sale our of Vantastic's full sister, Wilodge Vavanelle, her offspring include the 30,000 Wilodge Enrico.


Wilodge Eyecandy (lot 55)

She is a Milbrook Tanko daughter out of Ravenelle and is only for sale due to her two previous daughters being retained in the herd. Her heifer calf Wilodge Icandy (lot 55A) will also sell, she is a November-born Fastrac daughter. Eyecandy sells back in-calf to Gerrygullinane Glen.


Wilodge Aravenelle (lot 56)

Born 2005 she is by Nouvelle Prospect and out of Ravenelle, she is an exceptional example of two of the herd's top maternal lines. Her January 2012-born daughter by Oxygene, Wilodge Jarelle sells at foot, with Aravenelle served back to Gerrygullinane Glen.


Wilodge Coblahdi (lot 57)

Sired by Toubib she is out of the Oxygene daughter Wilodge Soblahdi. This family line has consistently produced quality, championship winners as well as revenue. Wilodge Jeeves (lot 57A) her Wilodge FM bull calf sells with her, while Coblahdi is served back to Glen.


Wilodge Eyetoeye (lot 58)

She is a Ronick Gains daughter out of Ravenelle. This eye catching daughter of Ravenelle sells back in-calf to Loosebeare Diego.


Hazelhead Classy (lot 59)

This Sympa daughter is out of the Ferry sired dam, Hazelhead Sheila. She was purchased at the Hazelhead dispersal in October 2009 as a maiden heifer on the strength of her dam. She is in-calf to Gerrygullinane Glen with her heifer being retained in the herd.




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We currently have semen for sale from the following bulls


Sire: Janvier

Dam: Isocele

Oxygene was bought even before he was born. Having admired his mother greatly we were fortunate to be able to reserve her first bull calf. He came to Wilodge at 9 months old and has made a lasting impression on us siring Wilodge Tonka who sold for 30,000gns.

Wilodger Tonka

Wilodge Tonka



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Nouvelle Prospect

Sire: Jupiter

Dam: Hartside Dream

Prospect was male and reserve overall Limousin champion to Wilodge Ritzy at the Royal Show in 2002 and has produced several great sons at Wilodge include Wilodge Thumper who sold for 31,000gns.

Nouvelle Prospect(2)

Nouvelle Prospect

Thumper 31,000gns

Wilodge Thumper

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Clydevalley Arty

Sire: Ronick Sphere

Dam: Clydevalley Opera

Arty was bought in Carlisle in May 2007 for 24,000gns. He has tremendous shape, legs and bone to him. Sired by Sphere he has different bloodlines and will compliment the Wilodge females. We are incredibly pleased with his progeny to date and he is proving equally as successful breeding top quality show calves from our commercial herd.

Clydevalley Arty



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