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Ravenelle -

  • Sire: Jersey
  • Dam: Isabelle
Ravenelle 2006


Wilodge Vantastic 42,000gns

Wilodge Vantastic

Ravenelle was bought from the KBS sale in autumn 2001 as a 10 month old heifer for 5000. Quite simply it was love at first site with her and it still is to this day. She came in to the herd in 2002 after foot and mouth disease restrictions had ceased. She is incredibly feminine, stylish and has immense width. She has a stunning temperament with great legs, feet and tail setting. Although she wasn’t bought as a show cow, she has been shown successfully, but it is her breeding that she has done us proud.

She is mother of Wilodge Vantastic who was sold for 42,000gns to Smiths of Bloxham and mother of offspring sold privately for 10,000. She has a number of females in the herd today sired by Oxygene, Nouvelle Prospect and Wilodge Tonka, Millbrook Tanko and Rainbow Simon. Her first daughter Wilodge Vavanelle (full sister to Vantastic) is set to succeed her mother. We also have a number of Ronick Gains sired embryo calves on the ground out of her. She is the granddam of Wilodge Dallaglio and Wilodge Diamante who have been show successfully this year.

Ravenelle with Rich_edited-1
sires Wilodge Dallaglio Carlisle

Wilodge Dallaglio

2477 right W Chanel left W Coclaire

Vavanelle daughter, Wilodge Chanel by Neuf on the left


Grandaughter Wilodge Elle out of Vavanelle by Haltcliffe Underwriter

Ravenelle Jul 11

Ravenelle (pictured July 2011) with Wilodge Gravenelle by Loosebeare Diego


Daughter, Wilodge Eyecontact by Ronick Gains

W diamanate

Wilodge Diamante


Ravenelle daughter Wilodge Vavanelle by Wilodge Tonka


Ravenelle son Wilodge Editor by Ronick Gains


Daughter Wilodge Caravanelle with Loosebeare Diego calf at foot



Sarkley Bellola -

  • Sire: Cloughhead Lord
  • Dam: Sarkley Talola
Sarkley Bellola

Sarkley Bellola

Sarkley Bellola

Sarkley Bellola pictured as a maiden heifer in July 2007

Bred by the Pennie family, Montgomery, Powys, Bellola was bought in July 2007 at the Sarkley Production Sale for the second highest price of the day 24,000gns as a maiden heifer. Her sire is the Heros sired Cloghhead Lord, a proven breeder of both bulls and females, while her dam is by the Broadmeadows Cannon-sired Ronick Luke and goes back to Galuois on the dam side. Bellola is a well muscled female but retains great feminine characteristics.

She has already made a great impact at Wilodge, producing Wilodge Dallaglio, a son of Wilodge Vantastic who topped Carlisle in October 2009 selling for 30,00gns to Messrs Harryman and Richardson for their commercial and pedigree herds.

A July 2008-born daughter and full sister to Dallaglio, Wilodge Dellola, is showing great promise as is the October 2008 born bull calf Wilodge Doubletop, who is by our stock bull, the 24,000gns Clydevalley Arty.  

sires Wilodge Dallaglio Carlisle

First son Wilodge Dallaglio by Wilodge Vantiastic


Wilodge Dellola (right), daughter by Wilodge Vantastic (full sister to Wilodge Dallaglio)


Hartside Dream -

  • Sire: Lynderg Blaise
  • Dam: Hartside Bluebell

Dream was purchased at the Marnhill dispersal sale in July 1996 for just 1500gns. She has bred incredibly successfully producing Nouvelle Prospect, sire of many high priced Wilodge bulls as well as being the dam of Marnhill JoJo, one of the major cows at Procter Farms. She is a proven male and female breeder with many females retained in the herd. She is also dam of Nouvelle No Limits sold for 7800gns in February 1999 and Wilodge Bestmate who sold for 8000gns in February 2008.


Nouvelle Prospect

Nouvelle Prospect


Dream daughter Wilodge Bream by Oxygene


Granddaughter of Dream, Wilodge Caream, out of Wilodge Udream by Vivaldi.



Boswells Danette -

  • Sire: Greensons Acorn
  • Dam: Boswells Annette

Boswells Danette was bought at Andrew Timbury’s Boswells dispersal sale in September 1992, where we bought four cows, but perhaps should have brought the whole herd! Her bull calf that came with her was later sold to the renowned Broadmeadows herd.

Danette was put to Epatant when Don convinced Jim Goldie to release two straws as a luck penny. This mating produced Wilodge Lanette who stood reserve champion at The Royal Show as a maiden heifer to Ronick Janita in 1997. Lanette was later sold privately to Millington Grange for 8000 in 2000.  

She has a daughter Wilodge Tanette, sired by Winnington Olis (who is also the sire of Nouvelle Sophia who bred Wilodge Designer) retained in the herd and a number of young granddaughters including Wilodge Annette and Wilodge Anovette (sired by Wilodge Thumper) and Wilodge Avette (sired by Toubib). She is also the granddam of Wilodge TK who was sold for 10,000gns in Perth in February 2004 when he stood overall champion.



Grandaughter of Boswells Danette, Wilodge Annette by Wilodge Thumper

W Tannette calf by Talisman

Danette daughter Wilodge Tanette with Fleethill Talisman sired calf Wilodge Eastender



Newsham Delila -

  • Sire: Hartside Buster
  • Dam: Onde 

Delila was bought at the Newsham production sale and features in many of the current Wilodge pedigrees with several daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters retained in the herd. She bred Wilodge Ohblahdi who was sold at the 2003 production sale to Smiths of Bloxham for 4200gns. She is also the grand dam of Wilodge Soblahdi who is a big powerful Oxygene daughter who was shown successively as a maiden heifer and is the mother of Wilodge Dublin Flyer a member of the successful 2009 show team.

She also bred our first homebred bull to be sold in to a pedigree herd – Wilodge Leopold sold to Llumbylaw for 6500gns at Perth in October 1996.


Wilodge Dublin Flyer

Great grandson Wilodge Dublin Flyer by Millbrook Tanko out of Wilodge Soblahdi.

Wilodge Ravine

Grandaughter Wilodge Ravine by Fiston



Sarkley Odelette -

  • Sire: Tanholm Claus
  • Dam: Sarkley Laroux

Sarkley Odelette was bought in 1999 for 1800gns and again features heavily in the herd today. She is a fantastic female breeder and has bred Wilodge Todelette and Sodelette who have turned in to fantastic breeders like their mother. Daughters have been sold privately to a top of 15,000. She is also the mother of Wilodge Aldiniti, a son of Wilodge Thumper, who was sold in 2006 for 7800gns.


s odelette

Sarkley Odelette

Wilodge Aldinitt Perth 06 7800gns

Wilodge Aldiniti



Mascotte -

  • Sire: Gaillard
  • Dam: Griotte

Mascotte was bought as a maiden heifer at the same time as we bought Manoir. She has bred well for us and is sadly no longer with us. She is the mother of Wilodge Thumper who was sold for 31,000gns in February 2004. Two full sisters to Thumper have been retained in the herd.

Wilodge Thumper 31,000gns

Wilodge Thumper

Ascotte 2

Daughter Wilodge Ascotte by Nouvelle Prospect (full sister to Wilodge Thumper)



Midtown Gem -

  • Sire: Shire Blustery
  • Dam: Druk Operatta

Gem was bought in September 2002 for 1350gns. She was put to Epatant (the other luck penny straw from Jim Goldie) producing Wilodge Littlegem dam of  Wilodge Priceless who is in turn dam of the 50,000gns Wilodge Cerberus – her effect on the Wilodge herd has simply been amazing.

Wilodge Littlegem was sold at our production sale in June 2003 for 11,000gns, while Wilodge Priceless was sold privately for 26,000 in 2005.

We have retained descendents in the herd including a first calved full sister to Cerberus, Wilodge Crystal. Wilodge Amethyst is another descendent and is the mother of the hugely successful and greatly admired Wilodge Diamante. 



Wilodge Diamante


Wilodge Cerberus



Wilodge Meclaire -

  • Sire: Brontemoor Ilkley
  • Dam: Newsham Eclaire

Wilodge Meclaire is the mother of the 30,000gns Wilodge Tonka and granddam of the 42,000gns Wilodge Vantastic. She has bred fantastically well for us including females sold privately to top at 15,000. She has also produced embryos sold for 900gns and recently embryos have been sold to Southern Ireland. She is still alive and continues to breed well for us.

Wilodge Vantastic 42,000gns

Wilodge Vantastic

2477 right W Chanel left W Coclaire

Wilodge Coclaire on the right is out of Wildoge Oclaire who is a full sister to Wilodge Meclaire.

wilodge meclaire

Wilodge Meclaire


Wilodge Tonka


Daughter of Meclaire, Wilodge Declaire by Ryedale Paragon






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