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Current Stock Sires - AI Sires - Past Sires

Current Stock Sires:

Loosebeare Diego -

Wilodge are delighted to announce the arrival of a new junior herd sire Loosebeare Diego. Bred by the Quick family from Crediton, Devon, Diego stood third in an incredibly strong class at the Carlisle sale ad was purchased for 20,000gns. By the noted sire Rainbow Simon, this May 2008-born bull is out of Loosebeare Soldy, a Cannon daughter going back to Strathallan Diplomat. Like his father he has exceptional performance figures and boasts a beef value of +42 ranking him in the top 1% of the breed.




Son Wilodge Gatsby out of Nouvelle Sophia

Clydevalley Arty -

  • Sire: Ronick Sphere
  • Dam: Clydevalley Opera

Arty was bought in Carlisle in May 2007 for 24,000gns. He has tremendous shape, legs and bone to him. Sired by Ronick Sphere he has introduced different bloodlines to the herd and is complimenting the Wilodge females and some of our commercials cows. We are incredibly pleased with his progeny to date.


Clydevalley Arty

Clydevalley Arty


Son Wilodge Franz out of Wilodge Candream

Arty calf 2

One of the first commercial calves sired by Clydevalley Arty


Ballyrobin Bestmate -

  • Sire: Nectar
  • Dam: Ballyrobin Savananah

Bestmate was bought in Carlisle in November 2007 for 4500gns. He has immense size and muscling and will be used selectively across the herd. He has been shown in 2009 and stood first at The Bath and West Show and second at East of England Show.


b bestmate

Ballyrobbin Bestmate



Ryedale Paragon -

  • Sire: Ronick Iceman
  • Dam: Rachels Glenda

Paragon was bought privately in May 2007 as a senior herd sire for Wilodge. He has a proven track record and has produced bulls of a known stamp, size and muscling as well as quality females. 



Ryedale Paragon



AI sires:

Since 2007 we have introduced a major AI programme at Wilodge in order to expand the bloodlines within the herd.

AI sires have been selected to compliment certain females, to expand genetics of certain cow families, to produce bulls to sell of a consistent stamp and in some instances to improve BLUP figures. Some sires have also been selected to breed show potential commercial calves on our small but quality selection of commercial females.

Some of the AI sires used to date have been:

Wilodge Cerberus -

  • Sire: Wilodge Tonka
  • Dam: Wilodge Priceless

Wilodge Cerberus was sold in Carlisle October 2008 for 50,000gns to Alan Jenkinson, Whinfell Park. We have since been using Cerberus in our AI/ET breeding programme and have seen some great results, including Wilodge Funky, our 2011 yearling show heifer. We also purchased a daughter Whinfellpark Franzene at the Red Ladies sale in 2010.


Wilodge Cerberus


Son Wilodge Firefly out of Quaish Sunny


Daughter Wilodge Gracie out of Hazelhead Annie (half sister to Wilodge Fastrac)




Wilodge Vantastic -

  • Sire: Wilodge Tonka
  • Dam: Ravenelle

Wilodge Vantastic is exceptionally bred being sired by the 30,000gns Wilodge Tonka and out of the best female at Wilodge, Ravenelle who is by Jersey. He was overall champion and top price in Carlisle May 2006 selling to Smiths of Bloxham for 42,000gns and is now producing some exceptional offspring for Wilodge including Wilodge Vontrapp who sold for 8200gns and the 30,000gns Wilodge Dallaglio (link through to news section). He is also the sire of Wilodge Diamante who has had an exceptional show career as a yearling heifer in 2009 including junior Limousin champion and overall reserve breed champion at the Royal Welsh Show.

Wilodge Vantastic 42,000gns

Wilodge Vantastic

Wilodge Dallaglio

Wilodge Dallaglio

Wilodge Dixiechick

Vantastic daughter Wilodge Dixiechick out of Smithston Trixie

Wilodge Diamante

Wilodge Diamante

Wilodge Dixiechick

Son Wilodge Fastrac out of Hazelhead Annie





  • Sire: Dauphin
  • Dam: Melodie



Ronick Gains

  • Sire: Talent
  • Dam: Broadmeadows Ainsi

Gains has been used across the herd on some of our strongest females to produce the next generation of Wilodge females.


Wilodge Dixiechick

Typical young heifers by Ronick Gains

Wilodge Dixiechick

Wilodge Eyecontact, a daughter out of Ravenelle



Milbrook Tanko

  • Sire: Mas Du Clo
  • Dam: Monique

Tanko has a fantastic pedigree and has stamped him offspring with the same power and muscling he has. His dam is a daughter of Broadmeadows Cannon. 

Tanko is knitting well with Wilodge females. He has sired the 6000gns Wilodge Dublinflyer who sold in Carlisle October 2009 for 6000gns.

Milbrook Tanko

Millbrook Tanko

Wilodge Dublin Flyer

Wilodge Dublin Flyer



Rainbow Simon -

  • Sire: Glenrock Onslow
  • Dam: Rombalds Nan

Simon has exceptional figures behind him and produces bulls of a known quality with exceptional growth and length.




Salomon –

  • Sire: Nestor
  • Dam: Nina

This Nestor/Nina combination is proving a real hit at Wilodge on both the pedigree and commercial herds. Salomon has been used across selective females in the herd for his immense muscling ability. He is producing offspring with tremendous power. He has proved an excellent sire for use on commercial cows, with this year’s commercial show team picking up countless championships.


Oh La La

Buck Off

Buck Off



Haltcliffe Underwriter –

  • Sire: Sympa
  • Dam: Ronick Recole

Underwriter was much admired by Wilodge when he was stood junior champion in May 2004 and later sold for 10,000gns to Northern Ireland. His pedigree speaks volumes and goes back to Cannon on the dam side.


Underwriter daughter Wilodge Elle out of Wilodge Vavanelle



Neuf –

  • Sire: Cassis
  • Dam: Jungle

Neuf has been used to produce quality females. He has also produced good bulls including Wilodge Casino who sold in Carlisle May 2009 for 11,000gns.

2477 right W Chanel left W Coclaire

Neuf daughter Wilodge Chanel on the left



Past Sires:

Merseide Bevan -

  • Sire: Oakley Oscar
  • Dam: Broadmeadows Urycine

Bevin was one of the first herd sires at Wilodge and has produced good honest bulls as well as quality females.




Brontemoor Ilkley -

  • Sire: Broadmeadows Cannon
  • Dam: Westpitt Crystal

Ilkley has produced solid bulls and outstanding females at Wilodge when he was a mainstay sire. He is the sire of Wilodge Meclaire who is the dam of Wilodge Tonka.



Nouvelle Prospect -

  • Sire: Jupiter
  • Dam: Hartside Dream

Prospect was male and reserve overall Limousin champion to Wilodge Ritzy at the Royal Show in 2002 and has produced several quality females and great sons at Wilodge including Wilodge Thumper who sold for 31,000gns in Carlisle February 2004.

Ascotte 2

Prospect daughter Wilodge Ascotte out of Mascotte.



Manoir –

  • Sire: Imperial
  • Dam: Etournelle

Manoir was bought from France as a calf and is the sire of Wilodge Ritzy sold for 20,000gns to Harry Emslie and Lynwen Evans. He has also proved successful on our commercial cattle. He also sired Wilodge Octobe who sold for 11,000gns in Carlisle October 1999.




Oxygene –

  • Sire: Janvier
  • Dam: Isocele

Oxygene was bought even before he was born. Having admired his mother greatly we were fortunate to be able to reserve her first bull calf. He came to Wilodge at 9 months old and has made a lasting impression for both males and females on us siring Wilodge Tonka who sold for 30,000gns. 


Oxygene daughter Wilodge Bream out of Hartside Dream.


Daughter Wilodge Caravenelle out of Ravenelle



Toubib –

  • Sire: Haricot
  • Dam: Ombre

Toubib was bought for his depth of pedigree. His grand sire Cesar is renowned in France for his maternal traits. He has left tremendous females in the herd and is the grand sire of Wilodge Diamante.

2477 right W Chanel left W Coclaire

Toubib daughter Wilodge Coclaire on the right




  • Sire: Mas Du Clo
  • Dam: Nivelle
ULM progeny

Ulm daughters Wilodge Faberge (out of Vanille) and Wilodge Fumper (out of Wilodge Ascotte)






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